Broadcasting System of Dish Network

Dish_NetworkDish Network has already build its reputation as one of the top provider of satellite TV service. It has been said that Dish Network has the lowest cost per channel. This is why 12M people in the United States have placed their confidence on Dish Network to deliver quality product and service.

Aside from the services that they offer the broadcasting system of Dish Network also provides several home and satellite components that will enhance each viewer’s viewing experience. For your tuner, they provide both single and dual tuner receivers. The single tuner makes use of a a Dish Home Interactive User Interface on the other hand, the dual tuner has the capability to accommodate two TV at a time.

With the use of the dual tuner, the user will be able to record to television programs at the same time. The video recording can also be done while the user is watching another TV program at the same time. Another part of the broadcasting system of Dish Network is that they have high definition receivers that has the capability to provide standard and high definition channels. The memory that is included in the digital video recorder has the capability to record 25 hours of high definition TV programs. When it comes to standard definition it can record over 100 hours of TV programs.

The most affordable package in the broadcasting system of Dish Network is their Dish Family package. This package has 40 channels included in it. The channels included in it basically includes everything you need to entertain the whole family such as Disney Channel, ABC Family, The Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, ESPN and a lot more.

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DirecTV US Open Interactive Coverage

DirecTV US Open Interactive CoverageDirecTV has announced that they will be covering the US Open Championship for a full four days starting from June 18-21, 2009. Aside from the DirectTV US Open interactive coverage, three additional channels will also be added in combination with ESPN and NBC’s coverage of the US Open. The US Open Championship is one of the major golf events that will be held  in Bethpage State Park’s Black Course in Farmingdale, N.Y.

The channels will be viewed in HD so golf fans out there will surely enjoy watching it over the full four days of the event. For those who are in DirecTV Mix Channels, viewers will be able to watch the home network and three additional channels. These channels will follow a set of golfers over the 7,426-yard course. Then it will provide live updates, interviews and highlights on a specific area. Each of the extra channel will be offered in standard and high-definition and each channel have their own producers and crew. So for sure viewer’s watching experience will be at a full-throttle.

For viewers who have interactive receivers, they will be able to watch all four channels in the Mix. And with the use of their remotes, they can listen to each channel’s audio or switch to watch the channels in full screen. A real-time leader board will also be displayed in the Mix Channels for viewers to keep track of all the action.

DirecTV US Open interactive coverage will also provide the top 5 leaders of the event. Just by pressing the red button on their remote, viewers will be able to take a look at the stats of a specific golfer, a “Tune To” menu where in the viewer will be able to directly watch the Mix Channel (701) and the other extra channels at 702-705. Also trivia questions regarding the event will also be featured on the DirecTV US Open interactive coverage.

Now, golf fans will not have any reasons to miss all the action in the US Open. With the DirecTV US Open interactive coverage every minute of the event will be shown.

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3 Packages of Dish Network

Dish_NetworkThere are 3 packages of Dish Network to choose from. The first is referred to as Turbo HD bronze. It will include over 50 channels for $9.99 a month for the first six months that you have this service. Thereafter it will cost $29.99 per month. Or you may get a favorite TurboHD package as well as your local channels and in addition they will add 2-room DVR service and free standard professional installation. The cost is $19.99 a month for six months; thereafter it will be $39.99 per month. There are of course different restrictions that may apply.

Next they have a Turbo HD Silver package that has over 60 channels. The cost for this is $19.99 per month for the first six months; thereafter it will be $39.99 per month. Adding the Turbo HD DishDVR advantage will cost $29.99 per month for the first six months, and thereafter it will cost $49.99. This will offer you the local channels, plus the 2-room DVR service and free standard professional installation. Certain restrictions will apply.

The last package from the 3 packages of Dish Network consists of The Turbo HD Gold package, which will bring you the TurboHD Silver channels plus 5 more. The cost is $29.99 per month, and this is a limited 6-month offer, thereafter it will cost you $49.99 per month. You can add the TurboHD DishDVR Advantage and get your favorite package and your local stations, plus 2-room DVR service and free standard professional installation for $39.99 a month, for the first 6 months, and thereafter for $59.99 per month. Restrictions will apply.

You should be aware though that the 3 packages of Dish Network will require you to commit for 6 months to the program for 24 months.

With each package you may select to add HD local channels for $5.00 additional payment for each month, where available. You may also add Platinum HD to any HD package for $10 a month. This will enable you to see additional movies.

Also, you can add local channels to any HD Turbo package and a DVR for only $10 more per month. Their international programming features are rather amazing, and they include the following international channel languages: Vietnamese, Urdu, Ukrainian, South Asian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Israeli, Greek, German, French, Filipino, Chinese, Armenian, Arabic, and African! This may not be terribly important to some, but to others, it may make a world of difference.

What’s more if you wish to deal with them in Spanish, they offer DishLATINO Clásico in order to better serve you. Also there’s a Dish Entertainment Magazine that you can subscribe to, which will list your Best Bets for what’s on TV on any given day specifically for you.

Another interesting add-on on the 3 packages of Dish Network is a Sling box. This will enable you to watch TV just about anywhere you so desire, on your computer, and even your mobile phone. Interesting too is the amount of service they are willing to offer people. For instance if you have lost the User’s Guides that was included in the box with each receiver, you may go to a web site and download their User’s Guide directly.

You may also be interested in Dish Flicks that will allow you to search their 3,000+-movie database. This magazine will also give you comprehensive yet very full movie description indexes that are separated out by premium network and/or Pay-Per-View.

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Know the 3 DirecTV Packages


There are 3 DirecTV packages, the first being a very useful family entertainment package that will offer you 50+ digital channels, inclusive of local channels at no extra charge.  You will also receive totally free a complete professional installation. The cost for this package is $29.99 per month for 12 consecutive months of service.

Their second package is a 100 More Channels package that includes a free Premium Movie Channel.  With this package you’ll also receive the free professional installation. You will also receive a free HD or DVR Receiver as well. At the moment it says that they are running a special with 9 premium movie channels free for 3 months. This will cost you $34.99 for 12 consecutive months of service.

The third from the 3 DirecTV packages is $39.99 per month for 12 months of consecutive service. This will give you 28 free premium movie channels, so that you will have, all together, 200+ digital channels with local channels included at no extra charge. You’ll also receive free professional installation, plus a free HD DVR receiver and free HBO 7 channels, Showtime 9 channels and Starz 12 channels.

Everything is totally digital ready, there’s no transition required, no unusual equipment to buy and absolutely no start-up costs.

If you register online, you can save an additional $20 with free handling included.
Depending on which of the 3 DirecTV packages you  choose, you will have access to over 130 of the best channels in High-Def which may turn out to be three times more than cable offers you.

There is an additional lease fee of $5 per month for second and each additional receiver. Also, there is an online and call-in rebate that you must qualify for.

In order to access HD programming there is a HD access fee of $10 per month. The DirecTV Slimline Dish, HD receiver, and HD television equipment are required to do so.

A very special DirecTV feature is that you can use your remote to do a 30-second slip. By hitting the proper button on your remote, you can pass or skip ahead in 30-second intervals to receive a high-speed look at what you’re watching. The skip feature does not cost any additional money. Another excellent feature is the capability of using the new DirecTV iPhone application.  This means that you will not have to miss your favorite shows should you be held up somewhere.  You can use your iPhone or iPod to find your favorite shows and to then set your home DVR.  You can accomplish this no matter where you are located!

If you are like most people, chances are that you undoubtedly have a short list of channels that you like to watch all the time.  A Directv feature you’ll especially enjoy is that you can build your own channel guide showing only those channels.  This will make your access to your favorite shows much more quickly!
Different features for different folks.  There’s even a feature on DirecTV that allows you to find out when you are nearing your disk space warning.  There’s no reason why you cannot plan what and when to record now!

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DirecTV and Dish Network – Which is the Best?

DirecTVDish_NetworkThose who are thinking of getting a satellite TV service in order to watch TV now that HD has arrived usually are torn between two different offerings—Dish Network and DirecTV.  Granted that whichever you choose, there will be tremendous similarities, and of course they both do the same thing, give you television entertainment through the same advanced technology. Now, comparing the two regarding promotions, programming choices, and of course package prices is where the dilemma comes in.

Interestingly enough, DirecTV and Dish Network have skipped offering free shipping or free professional installations. They have both decided that that’s a good selling tool for those who do not wish to have to do installations themselves. As far as guaranteeing that picture quality and audio will be guaranteed to be 100% digital, they both guarantee that same thing.

If free satellite systems, or free DVR’s are important to you, they both offer the same. You can also get free HD upgrades with either one. They differ a bit regarding equipment warranty though, as Dish Network ordinarily comes with 12 and 18 month’s warranties, but DirecTV is only 12 months.

There’s a rather substantial difference between the two in regard to additional TV fees, as DirecTV charges $4.99 per month per TV, whereas the cost is $0 for Dish Network. However, neither one has activation fees that other companies do!

Regarding monthly subscription fees all in all both come in about equally due to fluctuations in their basic offers and what the month costs eventually rise to once the “introductory” offers wane. Also, both DirecTV and Dish Network have the same amounts of channels, 250. However, there the difference ends.  If you are basically a dedicated sports fan, you will wish to go with DirecTV for things like NFL Sunday games, NASCAR, etc.

One of the biggest differences between DirecTV and Dish Network is for the choices for International programming. Dish Network offers a tremendous amount of programming choices as well as language choices. Their international programming features are rather amazing, and they include the following international channel languages: Vietnamese, Urdu, Ukrainian, South Asian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Israeli, Greek, German, French, Filipino, Chinese, Armenian, Arabic, and African! This may not be terribly important to some, but to others, it may make a world of difference. They also proudly offer DishLATINO Clásico in order to better their Spanish clientele. It seems that the Dish Network also has 35 Spanish language stations, thus they are definitely the way to go if you are Latino!

By the way, neither one is better than the other as far as carrying local stations and channels.  Both deliver in this instance where the stations are available.

If some type of parent lock is important to you, once more there is no winner, as both supplies it and it can be totally relied upon.  If pennies make a difference to you, however, it would seem that DirecTV is a bit more expensive than the Dish Network, but again they run similarly as far as cost is concerned.

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